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High Tensile 1 Inch Polyester Webbing Roll For Trailer Tie Down Straps

High Tensile 1 Inch Polyester Webbing Roll For Trailer Tie Down Straps

    • High Tensile 1 Inch Polyester Webbing Roll For Trailer Tie Down Straps
  • High Tensile 1 Inch Polyester Webbing Roll For Trailer Tie Down Straps

    उत्पाद विवरण:

    Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
    ब्रांड नाम: DAHUA SLING
    प्रमाणन: CE TUV/GS ISO
    Model Number: Sling webbing

    भुगतान & नौवहन नियमों:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 3 pallets (about 5000 meters)
    मूल्य: USD 30000 / 20'GP
    Packaging Details: standard export carton (55*36*24) or big box (110*110*110)
    Delivery Time: 15- 50 days
    Supply Ability: 50 containers / month
    संपर्क करें
    विस्तृत उत्पाद विवरण
    SKU: DAHUA SLING WEBBING Material: 100 % polyester
    Breaking Strength: 8ton x 7(SF) after sewing Width: 1 INCHE
    Color: BLUE stripe: 8 stripes
    Packing: 100ft/roll, 100 meters/roll, 1680 meters/box Logo: available
    हाई लाइट:

    polyester webbing tape


    polyester sling webbing

    High Tensile 1 Inch Polyester Webbing Roll For Trailer Tie Down Straps Dnv. Gl Certified Polyester Woven Webbing Strap
    Quick info
    1. Webbings are manufactured in the sizes upon standard EN1492-1:2000 , used as basic-material,
        not-cutting pieces of webbing.
        It can be customized as per requirements.
    2. Webbings can be stamped with your own logo
    3. We are able to supply all webbings in a range of colors, length and width.
    4. We offer webbings as color code, with or without W.L.L. stripes.

    Product Description


    Material 100% high tenacity polyester
    Width 13mm/16mm/19mm/25mm/32mm/38mm/40mm/50mm/60mm
    Length/Roll 250m to 1100m
    Linear Breaking Strength 250kg to 13500kg
    Strapping or Lashing Color White, Orange or as customized
    Printing on Strapping or Lashing Printing available, can be customized
    1)For strapping from 13mm to 25mm, usually white color without printing
    2)For lashing from 32mm to 60mm, usually with printing
    Suitable Buckles 1)For strapping from 13mm to 32mm, use wire buckle
    2)For lashing from 38mm to 60mm, use ladder buckle(stamped or forged)

    All the sling webbing Dahua provide
    Safety Factor 5:1

    SKU Width(mm) Color M.B.S(kg)
    E5W010 25 Purple 3152
    E5W020 50 Green 6250
    E5W030 75 Yellow 9375
    E5W040 100 Grey 12500
    E5W050 125 Red 15625
    E5W060 150 Brown 18750
    E5W080 200 Blue 25000
    E5W100 250 Orange 31250
    E5W120 300 Orange 37500

    Safety Factor 6:1

    SKU Width(mm) Color M.B.S(kg)
    E6W010 25/38 Purple 3750
    E6W020 50 Green 7500
    E6W030 75 Yellow 11250
    E6W040 100 Grey 15000
    E6W050 125 Red 18750
    E6W060 150 Brown 22500
    E6W080 200 Blue 30000
    E6W100 250 Orange 37500
    E6W120 300 Orange 45000

    Safety Factor 7:1

    SKU Width(mm) Color M.B.S(kg)
    E7W010 30/50/60 Purple 4500
    E7W020 50 Green 9000
    E7W030 75 Yellow 13500
    E7W040 100 Grey 18000
    E7W050 125 Red 22500
    E7W060 150 Brown 27000
    E7W080 200 Blue 36000
    E7W100 250 Orange 45000
    E7W120 300 Orange 54000

    Safety Factor 8:1

    SKU Width(mm) Color M.B.S(kg)
    E8W010 25/38 Purple 5000
    E8W020 50 Green 10000
    E8W030 75 Yellow 15000
    E8W040 100 Grey 2000
    E8W050 125 Red 25000
    E8W060 150 Brown 30000
    E8W080 200 Blue 40000
    E8W100 250 Orange


    About us
    Dahua Sling has earned its reputation for quality, service and innovation by providing webbing slings for lifting and ratchet tie down for cargo control for over twenty - five years. Our polyester and nylon webbing can be sewn into eye-eye sling or endless sling, to be used by the world’s leading companies in the energy generation, mining, aerospace, transportation and manufacturing industries.

    Full company name Nanjing dahua special belt knit Co.,Ltd
    Register date: 1993-01-01
    Business License No. 91320100608919015B
    Tax No. 320112608919015
    Customs Registration No.: 3201930613
    ­ Mr. Pan wang
      Mr. Gao Changchun
    Tel: 0086 25 5705 3551
    ISO9001 No. TUV Rheinland [01100038901]
    GS No. TUV Rheinland [S502223800001] [S50222380 0002]
    Factory Self-owned for 25 years (since 1993)
    Workers 187 workers, 60% with 10+ years experience
    Export volume yearly 1200 Tons Ratchet Tie Downs
    Total Building Size: 24000 Square meters
    Office Size: 3800 Square meters

    High Tensile 1 Inch Polyester Webbing Roll For Trailer Tie Down Straps 0

    सम्पर्क करने का विवरण
    Nanjing Dahua Special Belt Knit Co., Ltd.

    व्यक्ति से संपर्क करें: jack

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    पॉलिएस्टर लिफ्टिंग स्लिंग्स

    टिकाऊ सिंथेटिक लिफ्टिंग स्लिंगिंग आई और आई, 12 टन कार्गो लिफ्टिंग स्लिंग्स

    लोगो निर्माण डब्ल्यूएलएल 8000 किग्रा के लिए मुद्रण योग्य पॉलिस्टर लिफ्टिंग स्लिंग्स

    एन 1492-1 स्टैंडर्ड पॉलिस्टर लिफ्टिंग स्लिंगिंग आई और आई स्लिंग ब्राउन लो सेलिंगेशन

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    High Tensile 1 Inch Polyester Webbing Roll For Trailer Tie Down Straps

    Waterproof Sewing Polyester Webbing For Webbing Ratchet Straps Multifunctional

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